Profile 2: Porntip R.

Pohntip Rojanapenkul


Pohntip Rojanapenkul

Pohntip’s exposure to art and design began since early childhood as she grew up in a family of artists and designers.  Pohntip's father owned a printing press where in addition to managing the press he did most the graphic and artwork himself. Pohntip's aunt manages a billboard advertising company that engages several artists and designers. Similarly, her uncle is a ceramic designer and owner of ceramic factory renowned worldwide for his unique design of miniature ceramic figurines. Pohntip grew up observing the work of the artists with keen interest. Constant exposure to art and design helped to nurture Porntip's desire to become an artist herself.

Following the completion of her school education, Pohntip started her first job in a foreign Mission in Bangkok for a few years. She, then, realised that the office job is not for her.  Subsequently, pursuing her desire of becoming an artist, she enrolled as a fulltime student of art in Rangsit University, Patumtani, Thailand, where she earned her bachelor degree in fine arts.  She furthered her study Communication Arts from Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand. 

After graduation with a master degree in 1999, she worked as a freelance designer for a couple of years.  

To further expanding her exposure and to gain practical experience in the field of ceramics making, process and design, she joined Kyd Ceramics as a trainee. 

In 2005, Pohntip became an independent artist.  With her love in nature and animals, Pohntip mainly creates animal sculptures, especially bronze horse sculptures, using the means of design lines and forms to reveal the subject’s qualities of beauty, grace, affection and innocence. 

In 2007, she completed a course on "Marketing and Design Integration Program" conducted by the Department of Industrial Promotion.

In 2011, Pohntip donated one of her bronze horse sculptures to a fund raising  project for auction in order to raise money to help flood victims in Thailand.  

Pohntip had group exhibitions of modern bronze sculptures at Ayudhaya National Museum, Sathien Dhammastan, Bangkok Hospital and was guest of honor to exhibit her work with a group of other artists at Jamjuree Art Gallery, Chulalongkoarn University. 

She had teamed up with another artist and sat up their own art studio at V64 Art Studio.

She has moved the studio to and open a small gallery at her house in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand which they named it "Silpakote Sculpture Studio".

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