Profile 2 : Virach C.

Virach Charoenpanich

Virach is an expert in functional art and sculpture with extensive experience in life-size sculptures. He earned his bachelor degrees in Communication Arts and Fine Arts from Rajabhat University, Bangkok and Rajamongkol University of Technology, Nakohn Ratchasima respectively. Virach had worked as sculptor making life-size animal and human figures as well as Buddha image sculptures for many years. He then shifts his interest into modern art and product design area.

In 2005, Virach attend "ID (Industrial Design) Workshop Camp" which was sponsored by Department of Industrial Promotion. Taking his industrial design work seriously, his first design -- bugs -- set was exhibited with other designers from the workshop at Naraiphan Mall which was also sponsored by the Department of Industrial Promotion.

In 2006, he created few more designs such as Elizabeth, Aurora and Couple.

On the same year, he was invited to give a lecture on the topic of "Fibreglass as Decorative Item" at the Composite Section, Department of Industrial Promotion.

In 2007, he enhanced his design knowledge by attending another design workshop sponsored by Department of Industrial Promotion called "DBD (Design Business Development) Workshop". His work - the product of this workshop - was exhibited in Design Pavilion, "Made in Thailand 2007" a trade show at Impact Exhibition Hall, Nontaburi which sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce. He later found his heart is more with fine arts.

Nevertheless, using the acquired design knowledge combined with fine arts, he created a new set of semi-abstract sculptures focusing on rhythm and form of nature, e.g. Ooze.

On the same year, he exhibited his sculptures twice with "Art Market Project" at the National Gallery and the Central World shopping complex.

Besides rhythm and form alone, in 2008, Virach progressively developed new set of sculptures which very different from the previous set putting emotional aspect, way of life, and energy and force of nature into his work. 

In 2009, Virach tries to introduce cultural beliefs into his recent works. He developed his work by using fantastic elongated forms of human figures and symbols to present his concept. Figures and symbols used in this set of works seem to be transitioning and transforming from one existence to another existence and floating. The sculptor intends to leave the viewer with continued thinking beyond its image.

Virach is interested, in the future, in developing his work towards the concept of spiritual fantasy. He wants to focus more on Buddhism, eastern philosophy and cultural beliefs. His work will be presented through the creation of fantastic aspect of hybrid animal and human shapes in surrealism arrangement.

Virach has combined his knowledge of design and art into his work to create pieces of sculpture that depict beauty, harmony and peace.

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