Artlander, art and design studio, has teamed up by artists with motivation to create a wide range of original functional art products and sculptures.

With skills in fine arts, we take pride and pleasure in our work, thus creating new and unique sculptures and functional arts derived from the creativity, inspiration and knowledge. We proudly produce unique and outstanding art pieces.

We pay a high level of attention to details of each and every piece of our work. Our work, which has been cast in bronze, is sold as limited editions, each accompanied by a certificate identifying its casting number, title, material and its details, artist name and foundry.

In order to ensure that each piece of work is completed with the highest level of quality, we only produce our work, both functional art and sculpture, in a high standard foundry used by several well-known international artists. We work closely with the foundry and committed ourselves to paying utmost attention and care throughout the process of creating the piece.

Our work of art delightfully and proudly graces your home and work place.

Pohntip Rojanapenkul
Virach Charoenpanich

(Our website is linked to DESIGN DIRECTORY website, please check our link page).

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