Here are some photos from our "Art and Environment" classes.  Students are of 4th to 12th grades largely from various schools in northeastern part of Thailand.

In our classes, the students are encouraged to use medium that are local to their home environment, eg. twigs, pods seeds, pinecones, dried leaves, etc., and using these natural objects to create art pieces of animals and insects.  The students are encouraged to make presentation - explaining their work and which natural objects they choose to use.  The students are also asked to share their ideas on how their selected animal/insect is important to our environment and in turn effect our lives.

The objectives of our "Art and Environment" classes are:

-  To encourage students to explore their imagination more freely;

-  To share and exchange ideas and duties in their group work;

-  To excercise leadership;

-  To initiate their creative thinking skills which can enrich their future problem solving skills;

-  To emphasize on the importance of their working process and intentions, rather than only on the end product;

-  To connect the students with nature;

-  To help the students see the beauty and value of nature that effecting our lives, thus it is important to protect it.

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